Eco Jacket


SKU MS4053

Blend of recycled possum, wool and other natural fibres and nylon

The Eco Jacket is made from our exclusive fibre ECOBLEND - An innovation that has turned production waste into a premium yarn with exceptional properties that combines the best characteristics of it component fibres; 25% Recycled Possum fibre, 60% Natural Fibers (Silk, Wool, Angora), 15% Nylon. The Eco Jacket features knitted-in front pouch pockets, double layer bands and a comfortable ribbed collar. This vest can be fully unzipped for easy wear. Made in New Zealand by MKM Originals!

Avaliable in Berry, Charcoal, Denim and Aubergine

Sizes S / M / L / XL / 2XL 

Fabric Eco Blend